Seoul Semiconductor ロゴ

Seoul Semiconductor is a comprehensive LED manufacturer with a leading share of the global market for white LEDs.
With their advanced technologies, they handle integrated production from LED chips to packages, modules and lighting equipment. Their strong price competitiveness has satisfied the customers.
They have a wide range of products such as SunLike, which has a spectrum close to that of sunlight, and automotive (interior and exterior) LEDs and VCSELs that meet a wide range of demands.





株式会社ナテック 製品情報 SeoulSemiconductor
  1. MJT(マルチ ジャンクション テクノロジー)シリーズ(New)
  2. Acrich
  3. Acrich 2(Module type)


Z-power LED

株式会社ナテック 製品情報 SeoulSemiconductor
  • コンパクトサイズでハイパワーPKG<3.5×3.5×2.0(t)>
  • 高輝度、高効率
  • アプリケーション:ダウンライト、屋外灯などに最適

Top View


株式会社ナテック 製品情報 SeoulSemiconductor


  • 高lm/W
  • High CRI(CRI 80, CRI 90)
  • Compact & Slim size
  • 照明(Bulb ,Tube)などに最適


  • 0.3~0.5W Single Chip Package
  • High lm/W
  • High CRI Solution(CRI 80, CRI 90)
  • Compact & Slim size
  • 照明(Bulb ,Tube)などに最適

Side View LED

株式会社ナテック 製品情報 SeoulSemiconductor
  • 低電流で駆動が可能、t=0.4mm~1.0mm
  • 携帯電話用BLUなど小型製品に最適